Ropotamo River Boat Trip

Еnjoy a breezy trip among the exotic Ropotamo river! The Ropotamo Natural Reserve combines diverse natural resources, rocky shores, sand dunes, dense forests and swampy areas. The Reserve includes the Arkutino Swamp, a sea wormwood field, the Snake Island, and incredible rock formations, such as the Lion Rock, the Jolly Rock, fjords and sea caves, which you can see thanks to the motorboat transport. The adventure begins from the wharf of the river which is the starting point of the one-hour exciting trip amidst the beautiful nature of the Ropotamo Reserve. You will immediately get into the magic of the virgin flora and fauna which includes rare birds, red deer, wild boar, roe deer, jackal, fox, marten and otter. All this beauty is seen against the background of dense forests and lianas. The trip culmination is the amazing view of the Ropotamo River flowing into the Black Sea. The relaxing environment and the breathtaking final point on the mouth of the river will be memories that will stay in your mind for long. Make yourself comfortable, prepare you camera, and enjoy the green adventure called Ropotamo!

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