Trip to Sozopol

Spend half a day in the artistic ancient town of Sozopol which will stay in your hearts forever. Populated by around 5,000 people, Sozopol is the most ancient town on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It is situated only 22 km away from Primorsko on two rocky semi-islands and three islands. In 610 BC Miletus Greeks found the Apolonia colony which flourished as a mediator town between the Greek and the Thracian world. Later on the town is called Sozopol /Savior/ and has been inhabited perpetually for more than 2,600 years now. Today this charming place, Sozopol, is a big tourist center with its golden beaches, known for its hospitality, unique narrow streets with cobblestones and wooden houses from the 19th century, and wonderful summer weather. A walk on the romantic small streets of Sozopol displays a whole era of the Bulgarian Renaissance. Many tiny restaurants and cafes alternate on the coastal streets offering wonderful views to the bay and the marina. There you can try dishes from local clams, fish and seafood delicacies prepared in various ways. Sozopol is a town of many sights. One of them is the extraordinary Church of Virgin Mary situated in the old part of the town. The church dates from 17th century and is under UNESCO's protection as a world cultural heritage. The St. Cyril and Melodious Church keeps the relics of St. John the Baptist discovered in 2010 and it is a place of active pilgrimage tourism. The town of Sozopol has a very good Archeological Museum with a rich collection of amphorae, stone anchors and ship models from the times of the Phoenicians, Greeks and other ancient peoples inhabited the town.

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