Trip to Nesebar

If you want to feel the atmosphere of the world famous pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea, Nesebar, we are ready to organize this exiting trip for you. Nesebar is a picturesque town with a rich past, famous for being one of the most precious records of the ancient culture in Europe. It is situated 84 km away from Primorsko. The ancient name of this Black Sea town located in the Southeastern part of Bulgaria is Mesembria. Nesebar is a home of a number of valuable historical monuments for which it is declared an architectural and archaeological reserve. The considerably small area has more than 40 churches, a part of which has been preserved to date. The old town built on a high rock over the sea has neat houses and charming narrow cobbled streets. Part of the fortified wall which once surrounded the town has also remained intact today. On the background of the Old Town there stands the famous windmill dated from the 6th century. Nesebar carries the incredible atmosphere of the ancient times and the fabulousness of the expanse of the sea. Spend one of the free festival's days having a walk in the romantic tiny streets filled with the authentic spirit of Nesebar.

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