International  Folklore Festival PRIMORSKO is not a competition. Folklore dancing groups, vocal groups, instrumentalists and soloists may participate in it. There are no restrictions on the number of performing ensembles and number of participants in each formation. The team directors alone determine the concert program. It is desirable that the musical accompaniment to the dancing and vocal groups is provided by an orchestra of folklore or modern musical instruments, but it is also open to any media: СD, mini CD, USB.

For their participation in the Festival the ensembles should have prepared the following types of programs:

- two Opening and Closing programs up to 5 minutes

- concert program up to 15 minutes (block-program or with breaks to change costumes)

- procession fragments 3 to 5 minutes.

During the Festival each team is required to take part in the:

- marches and processions on the main streets of the town of Primorsko- groups carry the national flag of their country and the flag of the team (if any)

- Solemn Gala Concerts at the Opening and Closing of the Festival

- participations in evening concerts (from 2 to 4) during the Festival week

- daily joint events between the teams of different countries (exchange of experience, competitions, games, discos)

- preparation of the entertainment program ‘Day of the country’ (to show games, songs, dances that are typical of their country)

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